Director - Centre For Ambition


Mr Amit Singh is an entrepreneur and a social activist with over 17 years of experience that allows him to do extensive networking and gives him extensive experience in managing people. 


He is MSC in Physics, MA in Political Science, MSW and IAS aspirant and with this vast knowledge and experience he has gained a lot of professional maturation allowing him to lead several projects over the years. He is an Executive Director for Delphic Association of Uttar Pradesh.


Initially, Mr Singh started his carrier in the year 2004 as an administrator and gradually with his ardour to learn and grow, Mr Singh got promoted as the Director at ‘Centre of Ambition’, in the year 2010, which is a renowned institute for preparation of Civil Services Examinations, which empowered him to make an impression as a great educationist.


Also, Mr Singh is a CEO for an upcoming project i.e. Mobiurja Innovations, a start-up that operates in the energy sector and has recently collaborated with Indian Oil Corporation Ltd. for door to door delivery of diesel. 


Along with the energy sector, Mr Singh is a CEO to a project i.e. Carebro Innovators, a company that deals specifically with the Health Service sector and is also a master franchisee of the very well-known organization, Healthians for Uttar Pradesh and Jharkhand. 


Mr Singh is an individual who possess extensive knowledge and experience in financial management which allows him to make in-depth decisions when it comes to business and finances, which is why he is also currently working on a project called ‘Yes Mentor’ which is an online platform to assist aspirants across the country to prepare for various Civil Services Examinations via online medium.


In order to support the society and for corporate social responsibility, Mr Singh is operating an NGO ‘The Mother’s Foundation’ as the Secretary. This foundation is running a free play school for the underprivileged children.


Not least of all, Mr Singh also contributes in supporting the new talents, for which he runs a music institute as well i.e. ‘The School of Music’ under the aegis of ‘The Mother’s Foundation.’