Political Theories

What are the forms of democracy?

Direct and Indirect Democracy.

Direct democracy is such a system of government in which

People directly participate in policy formulation and governance

Which type of democracy has been adopted in Switzerland.

Direct Democracy

In which century ‘Liberalism’ emerge as complete political philosophy?

Nineteenth Century

In which country the concept of “Constitution emerged first time”?


Who supported the “Absolute sovereignty of King”?    

Thomas Hobbes 

Who was the proponent of “Natural Right”?

John Locke

By whom the Principle of “Natural Right” was propounded?

John Locke 

Who said “A Good citizen makes a good state and a bad citizen makes a bad state”.

Jean-Jacques Rousseau

Who supported “Popular Sovereignty”                            

Jean-Jacques Rousseau 

Who supported the “Social Contract Theory”?

Thomas Hobbes, John Locke,  Jean-Jacques Rousseau

Who asserted that “Man is a political animal by Nature”? 


Who is the father of Idealism?


Which is mainly emphasized by communism ?       

Economic Equity 

Which is the first example of enacted constitution?   

Constitution of U.S.A.

What is indicated by the word “Dialectics” ?

Theoretical conflict 

In which country the ideology of “Facism” evolved?         

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