Donald Trump and Indian jobs

In every way,  the self-made flamboyant billionaire Donald Trump is an enigmatic and puzzling personality. His rise to becoming the presumptive Republic Presidential nominee makes him all the more watchable and interesting. Does he really mean what he is saying or is he going to change his stance once he enters the Oval office? On some occasions he has been positive about India, saying “India is doing great” and on others, he has slammed India as taking away American jobs. He even mimicked the Indian accent of a credit card data processor from India, with whom he talked regarding his credit card account, to drive home the fact that a huge amount of outsourcing to India is taking place. Basically, he is targeting all the countries that he thinks are taking away jobs from America. ‘Jobs’ is the main election issue for Trump and ‘making America great again’ is Trump’s own slogan to increase his mass appeal. The job growth has indeed been disappointing in April 2016 at 160,000 and much less than predicted by the Wall Street. In May, only 38,000 jobs were created when the expectation was 162,000 jobs.

Every leader aspires to make his country great, especially at the time of elections! America doesn’t have to aspire to be great because it is already the most powerful country in the world in terms of financial and military might. At least that is what Americans think of their country themselves. In a recent survey by Washington based Pew Research institute, 72 percent of Americans say that US is the leading military power and 54 percent believe that US is the world’s leading power. Only 34 percent think China is important. So, instead of harping on the existing reality regarding what Americans think of the USA’s position in the world, he is fanning up people’s fears of job losses to Indians and Chinese and America becoming poor as a result.

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