NSG: India needs a balanced ‘give-and-take’ relationship with China

As it is, India has been disdainful towards Beijijng’s pet initiative, the One Belt One Road.


New Delhi, however, believes that it has sought to balance its ties with China by participating in the New Development (BRICS) Bank and the Asia Infrastructure Development Bank.

India has sought membership of the Shanghai Cooperation Organisation and sought to put an even spin on its position on maritime issues in the communiqué issued after the Russia-India-China meeting in April, upholding UNCLOS and addressing disputes through “negotiations and agreements” between the parties concerned.

In June, it dropped references to the South China Sea in relation to freedom of navigation issues.

It has also indirectly signaled that, were it to become a member of the NSG, it would consider the Pakistani application on its merits.

But what will clinch the issue is the deal Jaishankar will be seeking to strike with Beijing.

Such deals are not made in public. We can only surmise their existence through the outcomes, or in hindsight.

This commentary originally appeared in Mail Today.

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