China looking to improve connectivity with India, South Asia.

China has already expanded its influence in Nepal with road and rail network through Tibet, and is now looking to stretch its railway link to Bihar to improve connectivity with India and South Asia. According to one report a cross-border railroad link to the Rasuwagadhi area in Nepal has already been discussed between the two countries. China’s railroad is expected to reach Nepal border by 2020.

This rail line makes it possible to connect China to India as from Rasuwagadhi to Birgunj, which borders Bihar, is only 240 km.Early this month, in a strategic move to cut landlocked  Nepal’s dependence on India, China opened a combined road and rail service to Kathmandu through the rugged mountain ranges in Tibet to step up transportation of supplies to the Himalayan country.

An international freight train from Lanzhou, the capital city of northwestern China’s Gansu province has been operationalised.The train will carry the cargo to Xigaze, the nearest Tibetan town close to Nepal from where the goods will be transported to the Nepal by road. The whole journey will take 10 days.

It includes 2,431 kms of rail transport 564 km of road transport to Geelong Port in Nepal.From there it will take another 160 km of road transport to reach Nepal’s capital Kathmandu.

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