Now, an app to find the closest blood bank Bengaluru-based engineer’s Ausodhyatmika gives details of all registered banks .

 Moved by the plight of people who frantically search for blood donors and blood banks during medical emergencies, a Bengaluru-based software engineer has developed a mobile app that provides details of these facilities situated close by, from any location in the country.

  • Access on Google Maps Krishna Kant Tiwari has designed Android app Ausodhyatmika (available for free in Google Play) that lists the details of all registered blood banks of the country and their location, with contacts that can be accessed through Google Maps.
  • All blood banks located within a 100 km radius, with their distance, can be checked. Blood banks beyond this limit can also be located using the advanced search option.
  • The app offers an option for any donor to enrol his/her name on the list of prospective donors to help people who are in need of a blood group, which is not available in any blood bank.
  • “Mobile phone users could easily find donors’ contact number and also can track them using the in-built GPS system,” said Mr. Tiwari. The app also has a list of ambulances and names of all the registered hospitals of the country, their contact numbers and their addresses.
  • The app provides details of other healthcare entities such as clinics, nursing homes, pathology labs, diagnostics, pharmacies, and veterinary hospitals that are registered with the Government of India.
  • Database of medicines Besides this, the app also has the database of over one lakh medicines and their combinations. Mr. Tiwari said that in order to prevent any misuse, the app has an option called ‘Report Abuse’, using which, any user can report wrongful use of the app.

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