South Korea can be a good growth model for India, says Ambassador Hyun

Expanding defence cooperation between the two countries was the final major point raised in the discussion. Talking about ensuring an Asian Security Architecture, the panellists agreed that security cooperation is the need of the hour. In the past, India had assisted South Korea in the war against North Korea and that could act as a benchmark for the two countries to improve upon the military partnership.

Concluding the discussion, Mr Sunjoy Joshi noted that the Republic of Korea has been able to work around the dynamics of the Indian economy like no other country. And the two nations have an array of factors to expand their relationship. Culture, education, military, politics, etc., are a few areas from where the process could begin. Given the historical engagement, and the current economic ties, the two countries must look to expand the definition of their bilateral relationship, Mr Joshi said.

This report was prepared by Vatsal Chandra, Research Intern, Observer Research Foundation

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