MISSION – 2018

You must strive to succeed in one best attempt. This is what the following write-up will try to address.

In this article, we are going to outline a Strategy for 2016 with an Aim to assist you to reach your goal. Our role is to assist by giving you a roadmap and guidance. The 99% of the work is to be done by you. We are just facilitators.

You must have faith to follow any strategy by any experienced persons in this field that you want to follow. You can follow any strategy, they all will work for you. But please follow just one strategy or utmost two if each act as complimentary. Many toppers provide strategies they think that worked for them, many websites give their own strategies that they think will work for their followers. You should have faith in theirs or ours strategy and choose the one best suits you.

Below, we will give you a strategy that worked for many toppers. They have already mentioned it through various articles on this website. The aim of our strategy is to not just keep your preparation streamlined, but to assist you in securing a top rank.

Our entire emphasis will be on Self Study. Only through self study you can be contented and achieve good rank. Of course coaching helps, we believe, only for Optional subject and not for General Studies papers.

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